These rules regulate the business relationship between the company HELMUS LTD (the "Company") and the Investor. If the Investor does not agree with one or more paragraphs of these rules, he shall refuse the registration on the website of the Company.


  • The persons who are 18 years of age residing in the territory of any country whose legislation does not contradict the conditions of this agreement have right to participate in this project .

  • The investor confirms his consent with all the rules of HELMUS LTD by registration on site. The procedure of registration is required step for everyone who wants to become an investor in the company HELMUS LTD.


  • Administration of Company HELMUS LTD undertakes not to transfer to third parties the participant's personal data (login, name, email address, information on investments).

  • The administration reserves the right to delete or block the user's account in case of violation of the conditions of this agreement.

  • The responsibilities of the administration of the company include the capability of the project site and private office, as well as performing financial and investment operations.

  • The administration of the Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or supplement these rules. The Company will report on the project website about the planned changes in the rules.


  • The registration procedure of the Investor on the website is a prerequisite for the cooperation with the Company.

  • You agree that any information and materials that you will find on the website of the Company should be considered as informational and theoretical materials, rather than recommendations on investments.

  • The Investor must specify only valid data during the registration process.

  • Account registration is allowed under the condition that the Investor opens the account on his name. Account registration on behalf of third parties, as well as the performance of investment activities on account of third parties is strictly prohibited.

  • Multiple registrations of accounts by a single Investor are strictly prohibited. In case of detection of registration of multiple accounts by one person they will be blocked without possibility of withdrawal.

  • In case of any problems, the Investor may contact the Company via the contacts presented on the website.


  • The company undertakes to ensure the safety of its investors with the help of modern technologies and services.

  • The company is not responsible if by the customer's fault his / her personal data (login, password, etc.) got the third parties.

  • We guarantee the safety of information on financial transactions between the Company and investors.

  • The Investor carries out the investment of funds in the Company voluntarily, on his own initiative, and therefore responsibility for possible consequences rests with him.